Sunday, May 1, 2016

Turning Numbers into Words

Panel Topic: How can big data help and hinder journalism?
Data Journalism-what is it?
  • Using data in journalism-but it’s also more than just that.
  • Turning an audience that was into passive consumption into an active and engaged audience
  • Telling stories using convincing and interesting data and turning data into a story
How can Data Help Journalism:
  • Provides substantial numbers to claims made.
  • Open source data
  • Informs the public
  • Connects numbers and information to a larger issue in the story
How Can Data Hinder Journalism:
  • Inaccurate data or data that does not the whole picture
  • Not all data is public
Case Study: Zillow
  • Zillow Chief Economist calls data “Sexy”
  • has all the data that Zillow collects and presents it to their audience in a very organized way.
  • Transparent about the date it posts, but there is a lot of data they don’t post and use for their benefit
  • Did you know that all the information that you enter into Zillow they use for research? You are giving them the numbers and they turn it into Data. We willingly give them this information and most of the time do not even realize it.
Because data, an article was written about Denver's housing market and the renting situation for millennials

  1. From the ow-Center-Data-Driven-Journalism reading, one of the concerns of data journalism is that conflicts will emerge over public records, data scraping and the ethics behind collecting data. As an active consumer who has data collected on them at all times, do you feel like companies already know too much information about you?
  2. Do you feel an increased level of engagement in news consumption because of data driven journalism or are you so used to it now that it does not even phase you?


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