Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Election and the Use of Data

Emma Spencer          
          The article “Why the Media will Lift Trump up and Tear Clinton Down” posted on Vox was posted on May 5. The article describes the fact that Clinton and Trump will be the final bipartisan candidates, as well as the fact that the media will build up Trump to make the representatives seem more even matched. The combination of the FiveThirtyEight graph that is utilized within this article is interesting. The majority of the article is anecdotal, he uses snippets of quotes from a number of government officials that talk about their worry and dislike around Trump. Anecdotal due to the fact that these are a number of individual’s personal experience around the candidate. He also compiles a number of tweets around the two candidates as well. A graph is also used to show the acceptance of Trump over the last few months by republican voters.
                Anecdotal data is used throughout this article, proving the point that the media will continue to increase Trump’s reputation and decrease Clinton’s. By using multiple examples of individual’s actual feelings and thoughts as well as real tweets, this helps to prove the main points of the article. Overall the data being used throughout this article is qualitative, because they are personal thoughts and feelings rather than actual statistics. However the article also utilizes quantitative data with the use of the graph and other scattered statistics throughout the article.
                Data in the article could easily be skewed in the other direction, however. The author could have easily used only examples of Trump being torn down by the Media and Clinton being raised up. He also could have used the same data to tell other stories about the way in which we view candidates that are male and female or many other factors in the election. Although the anecdotal data allows for real experiences to be shared, only a few are used, making an article like this easy to disprove.


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