Thursday, May 5, 2016

Exam 2

Please answer the following questions as clearly, concisely, and thoughtfully as you can. Use examples whenever possible. Your answers should be 2-3 double-spaced pages each and draw on and cite material we have read and/or watched for class. Please limit your use of quotations and proofread your work.
Email  your answers to me pasted into the body of an email with the subject line "Exam 2 section 2" by noon Thursday May 12.

1) Write an essay about the Snowden Revelations. Drawing from United States of Secrets, Citizenfour, readings, class discussion and lecture, please include in your essay a) a discussion of the networked infrastructures, practices, and political environment that laid the groundwork for the secret NSA programs; b) specific examples of the ways that journalism has been an important element of the story; and c) what evolving practices, forms and styles of coverage related to the revelations (including things like Citizenfour, the Intercept, and the use of data journalism, encryption and so on) demonstrate about the evolving networked journalism environment.

2) Write an essay that discusses The Situationists concept of The Society of the Spectacle as applied to journalism-related contemporary examples like The Yes Men, Jon Stewart and others. Please be sure to include in you answer a discussion of the role of satire and parody in the networked news environment and the role of ironic citizenship in contemporary society.

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