Monday, May 2, 2016

Big Data

Panel Topic: How can big data help and hinder journalism?

Key Points

  • ·      Information and data more accessible to the public/storytelling tool
  • ·      Reporting - evidence, power, crowdsourcing
  • ·      Convey and digest information, collaboration 
  • ·      Localize national stories – investigative journalism
  • ·      Snowfall - example, altered a misconception
 "They’re using these tools to find corruption and hold the powerful to account. The most talented members of this journalism tribe are engaged in multiyear investigations that look for evidence that supports or disproves the most fundamental question journalists can ask: Why is something happening?"

  • ·      Misinterpretation of data/correct data collection
  • ·      Data only tells part of the story
  • ·      Ability to pair data with effective context/expertise
  • ·      Attacks on the press/press freedoms are the lowest in a decade

Example of a problem:
  • ·      Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight
  • ·      Finding similar talent like his own
  • ·      Roger Pielke Jr.
  • ·      Story on disaster cost and climate change received negative remarks from viewers
  • ·      Data driven
  • ·      Impact on the online community

 In what ways has big data helped you during your time at DU? (classes, interests)

Have you used data journalism to stay informed about climate change?

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