Thursday, March 31, 2016

Framing Assignment

Harlan Kimball


Washington Post:

Inside Climate News

After analyzing these three news articles, there are some clear similarities and differences between them. The CNN and Washington Post articles are similar in the fact that they have a traditional delivery style about the climate change story. Then there is that focuses more of its attention on not what is actually happening to our oceans, but what needs to be done to spread awareness and promote change. The CNN article frames its story around the potential outcomes of melting ice, and possible ideas for combating this growing issue. In the end all of the articles mention that there might not be an effective solution for the six-foot ocean rise by 2100. Although the Washington Post article brings in many visuals that helps the audience visualize the potential dangers of sea levels rising. This is quite alarming because the Washington post uses major American cities to portray the dangers. Then there is the Inside Climate News article that talks about the effectiveness and potential of climate change activists and the events that will hopefully bring about more awareness. It’s more about the people making a change, then the other articles that talk about the potential dangers and outcomes if and when these sea levels rise. It’s clear that these frames are quite distinct from one another. CNN and The Washington Post frame the story to present the new study and facts, while Inside Climate News frames the story to bring about a change in the future.

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